Love Like weather


The weather changes either for the good or bad depending on what you call good or bed, in the summer we see a lot of us out there in the beach, in resort areas where we can not be during the winter season, such is Love it has its precious moments and bad ones as well however a lot of us can not love today because they may be re-fared to as one weather people. Some of us fail to love because you want your relationship to be on one side you can not change sides and it is so difficult for you when that relationship changes, you often give up or start hurting, may i just help you here just as you also change clothes when the weather changes also do the same with your attitude towards the change of your relationship just change with it. Love is certainly not the issue, the issued is you baby, the issues is you my brother, my sister my mother and my father yes love is likened to a weather so change when it changes, be blessed and be a blessing


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