Approval of Peace


Neither men nor chemical can echo the mandate of peace, peace is disturbed by men as men has invented machinery and weapons that eradicate completely the tolerance of peace. We can not be ambassadors of peace on the other hand helping in developing weapons that fight against peace, Leaders and governments talk peace on the table yet their left hands are waving destruction to peace, both our hands need to be on peace, not one hand on the trigger of a gun yet the other hand is signing documents that negotiate peace. Peace can not be treated like a malty task weapon, peace is a solid statement if you are for it lets all be for it, we can not negotiate peace with weapons, we negotiate peace on the table with the grassroots people involved, we can not negotiate peace for the people yet we leave such people outside, let our actions truly be for peace in order for our children to enjoy the best in the world of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relation to an article by the BBC on President Obama approving arms for Syrian Rebels 14/06/13


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