Peace a Necessity


Our ideas if keeping power at the expense of the masses have made peace so shy that it even cries out of the blood shed that is split, children and mothers, fathers and innocent brothers and sisters make up the sum of power killings. It is now or never that our egos be crushed and consolidate peace with love and make peace our priority, it is a must that we stay on course to the road that leads to peace, it is a must that we engage our leaders, and governments into a necessary dialogue of peace, peace is not a debate and peace is not about condemning each other or who did what, peace is about dialogue we have to sit down and converse leaders and governments alike as well the grassroots people let us come together and have a strong dosage of conversation in peace.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on the UN condemning Syria on the 93,000 people killed since the Syrian crisis started 


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