Peace of our Own


We can not keep killing and murdering one another all in the name of nation building, you can not build while you destroy that can not be the way to build, the foundation to peace is restoring peace at the level that people understand. Our governments, have come up with words that have scared our peace loving people such words have further divided us as human race and has made us not believe in peace, peace is left out there in the cold while we fight one another for it, peace can not be as long as terrorism becomes a word our leaders use to destroy peace, how on earth has terrorism come to be a peace destroyer, how on earth has that word got to do with the killings of people in far away lands, those that destroy our cities and put our cities at risk should be dealt with according to the law, Our leaders and governments have used the word terror to loot other states economies how can peace be when our own rich nations don’t not give back? they keep causing tensions, leaders of governments and all the people that work towards peace, let us stop and punish those that infiltrate pain to us as a nation individually and not linking their nations to the crimes their nations did not commit, the only way to peace is being impartial, lets do what we believe is right to both our nations and other nations, peace is a humanity commodity not an individual one

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Syria rebels killing Shea residents 12/06/13


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