The will of Peace


People make the governments, what governments do not want is to represent the people, peace makes governments and by the people peace is built, our negotiations to peace are with the people we serve. Leaders, governments and grassroots people should in this decade make up their minds on what they safely propose to love, peace or resistance, chemical weapons or peace, life is too precious to be sacrificed for nothing, life is too precious to let it be trampled upon, we are a people we are humanity the will of peace is the people you tend to oppose, today our rage is not with the enemies from outside but our enemies are people we lead, once we become enemies of our own people then peace is unproven, lets be brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers teaching ourselves to build trust among each other so the will of peace can be aligned. The will of peace is through the people and by the people so to say the masses make peace a greater commodity to human kind.

Edwin Mathe in relation to both BBC articles one on Turkish police storming protest square in Istanbul and Damascus hit by two bombs


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