Pride in Peace


Despite our affordable efforts on the great achievement that makes every men/women dream of stepping in to represent his/her own nation in the road map to peace, peace looks like a tiny bleak black spot in an all white garment, leaders and governments have stretched the process of peace to an impossible task for the grassroots people, the selfishness, the egocentric leaders and those that think they are more powerful in person, forgetting that those grassroots people made you to be recognized throughout the world to which you now make as your podium to suppress their freedom and peace. Peace is solid when we as a people get together and understand our need to protect one another from all evil that may creep in us, we have to avoid conflict at all times to negotiate peace, we have to find common ground despite our differences in order to negotiate peace. Peace is a must for our coming generations, so if we as leaders/governments don’t make an effort now then peace will be more of a dream for our children.

Edwin Mathe in relation to an article on the BBC on a gun and rocket attack near Kabul Airport in Afghanistan 10/06/12


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