On Course To Peace


Peace is a necessity in humanity, humanity needs peace, humanity cant live without peace, our leaders, governments and our communities have refrained from tactics of working peace, our level of thinking has to do with what we can hold in our hands which is power, power and control of a people needing more that your control, power and control over a people who are so desperate to make a world a better world hence restricted by the craving of your selfishness to show each other how you can violet the code of peace that these wonderful people have worked so hard to create. Codes for peace are between languages, codes of peace are between our constructive brains working as a unit, we are a team that is functional in the need of peace, not just for the sake of peace but for the concrete measure towards peace. Together we can work towards the building of schools, provision of medication, clean water, food and education to each other, poor, rich/wealthy we are indeed on course to peace.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on Korean officials holding key talks in Panmunjom 09/06/13


5 thoughts on “On Course To Peace

    • Thank you Randy its my pleasure to have you guys allowing me to give the best proportion of my intelligence to you, please feel free Randy to travel with me through my poetic journey on my book Historical Echoes which you can purchase from Amazon and smashwords.com. Thank you once more ill do my best to give the best for all of you out there

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