The fragility of Peace


Peace is fragile and needs to be handled with care, a lot of our world leaders, including government leaders, grassroots level leaders have lost in their vocabulary the meaning of care, without care there is no written script to peace, world leaders in our day have forgotten what it means to care, musicians, icons, television celebrities, make their appearances in wrong circles and wrong causes all in the name of publicity not peace. If all of us considered wealthy, rich and poor negotiate our values of care to the society weather in developed or developing countries, first or third our class does not matter but our care to one another as we sit in those big houses, parliaments, shanks, shanties, our care to humanity is the password to peace, Peace is to be understood, peace is to be adored, peace is to be established, above all peace is fragile hence all of us rich poor and wealthy should handle it with care.

Edwin Mathe in relation to both BBC articles on David Cameron hosting the world hunger meeting, and an article on Fife people reported dead on the California Shootings 08/06/13


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