The Cost of Peace


Everyone and every asset has a price it is however that the price of peace is such dear that nations have not yet identified the key principles of avoiding this harsh price that has to be paid for peace, as the saying goes when two elephants fight the grass suffers, yes indeed when big power egocentric nations and leaders of our people fight it is the grassroots people that suffer. May this be the point towards peace to note that no explosive can demise the power of negotiation, no explosive will demise the power of peace, peace can not be exploded, hence it can explode, collectively we have exploded one another in suicidal attempts all in the name of sacrifice for peace. Peace does not cost a life neither does peace agree with death, peace is life in dialogue, for the grassroots people, leaders, and governments alike, lets all draw our map to peace, not on a suicidal bomb, not on that atomic bomb, not on that nuclear weapon, but on that bare ground, that decorated table round and square, peace has a price but not certainly life price.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on Six Georgians killed in Afghanistan suicidal attacks 07/06/13


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