The strategy of Peace


All in time sometimes we often forget that what we possess we can not loose it in the cost for peace, peace is what we posses until we stop believing in ourselves as a people. Peace can only be negotiable when all humanity share a common sentiment which is peace itself, we fight not because we do not understand one another, we fight because we do not appreciate one another, each and everyone of us has a thought when governments and leaders of the world learn to respect the thoughts of those in grassroots then peace is solid within our world, peace is a strategy once you loose it then the grassroots people become a challenge thus when you begin to fight them, peace is a pinnacle for justice equality and freedom of expression.

Edwin Mathe in Relation to a BBC article on the Syrian Army re-taking the town of Qusair 05/06/13 


2 thoughts on “The strategy of Peace

  1. Thank-you, you are so right! Maybe if people could find happiness and unlock peace in their hearts we can come together as a global community.

    I’d rather have nothing to have peace alone. I won’t have much when I die will I?
    Thank-you, Tara

    • Tara Peace is the only perfect way to be alive, if most of our government learnt to appreciate the grassroots thoughts then and i say then peace becomes a more real deal within our countries first, before it becomes globally, love and appreciation can also mean peace. Hope your question has been answered, for more of your questions ill be more than willing to discuss this with you further just drop a comment and ill respond, thank you for a very positive comment, further if you would love to know more about Love, Peace, Injustices of the world beyond your scope i recommend you purchase yourself a copy of my recently published Poetry Book “Historical Echoes” which you can purchase from amazon, or oncemore thank you for such a lovely comment together lets draw our map to peace as humanity.


      Edwin Mathe

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