Peace at all Cost


Speech opens up minds, minds open up speech, the more thoughtful we are as humanity in the art of crafting peace, the more wiser and eloquent we become in our speech to promote peace. Peace is encouraged not through weapons of mass destruction but by actions that are more thoughtful and tactical, our tactics play a vital role in negotiating peace, how do we write a good script to portray peace? human kind our thoughts, our speech can change the course of history and encourage peace not war, we are peace our speech on this table, on that meeting, our speech should utter nothing but peaceful solutions.

Together for Peace


A lasting solution to peace is working together, the more closer the clay particles are the more beautiful the port becomes, humanity has priced peace with life, life has to be enjoyed in peace not life being the alternate sacrifice for peace, together as one people we can manage to route our evilness towards issues that break us and list issues that unite us, for together our road to peace is smooth.

Hidden Victory


Victory is the best weapon hidden in a lot of us, it is however that a few people recognise that they have it, because it is with what they use everyday, the brain. Your brain holds the key to your victory so the bigger you think and the better your thought the better and bigger is your victory, most of us are down and out because our thoughts have told us we are defeated, stop living your life in defeat start winning, victory is in you mind Baby start thinking it and its yours use that weapon, be blessed and be a blessing.

Ideas for Peace


Several ways we have tried, and several ways we have implemented, our hearts and minds value the art-most price for peace! it is in our ideas where peace is hidden, we may close the systems that infiltrate hate and injustice, yet our ideas towards peace are not within us. We can recruit our ideas to try and be specific on achievement yet the world’s solution to peace lies in our ideas, together human race can negotiate peace with powerful ideas that are converted to hate, anger and violence to one another, such ideas used for the master work of achieving peace our children and our children’s children will enjoy the reality of peace, with our ideas working positively for peace sake.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to both statements from President Barack Obama on closing Guantanamo, as well as a BBC Article that suggested that one of the Murderers of a soldier in Woolwich was offered a job by the British secret intelligence MI5//

Sweeter Love


Love is like a very delicious meal once you start eating it you will want more of it, how many spoil dishes have you eaten, having to gossip go through hate and hurt, love is kind, patient, giving and forgiving, love does not seek its own, all these are beautiful ingredients that makes this wonderful dish, so if yours was prepared the wrong way please go back to master Chef Jesus who is going to dish you the best love dish ever be blessed and be a blessing.

Foundation of Peace


Either on soil on the ground, or on the table square and round this is our mainstream avenue of negotiating peace, most of us both leaders and subordinates  politicians and civilians have never identified the need to co-exist with our differences, on the ground where we build, is the foundation of building our trust with one another, the more dater no matter how clean one may be for the sake of peace lets sit down on that ground, on that table round and square, business leader, politician or civilian we are all authors of peace, our differences have to make us stronger to work towards our loving nations and a great way of negotiating peace.

//In Relation to President Barack Obama’s speech on the use of Drone Strikes//