Ideas for Peace


Several ways we have tried, and several ways we have implemented, our hearts and minds value the art-most price for peace! it is in our ideas where peace is hidden, we may close the systems that infiltrate hate and injustice, yet our ideas towards peace are not within us. We can recruit our ideas to try and be specific on achievement yet the world’s solution to peace lies in our ideas, together human race can negotiate peace with powerful ideas that are converted to hate, anger and violence to one another, such ideas used for the master work of achieving peace our children and our children’s children will enjoy the reality of peace, with our ideas working positively for peace sake.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to both statements from President Barack Obama on closing Guantanamo, as well as a BBC Article that suggested that one of the Murderers of a soldier in Woolwich was offered a job by the British secret intelligence MI5//


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